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September 3rd, 2007 by Andrew Cochrane

AVCI have been completely in a work tunnel for the past two months, and many things have suffered greatly because of it. One thing that I have been massively remiss in posting is the fact that the AV Club is now on TV!!! So far, 4 episodes of Psycho Bob, Drunk America Ep3: Global Warming, and our short Splooginator have all aired on StupidVideos.com’s on demand channel. If you have Comcast cable, you can see us by searching for the StupidVideos channel in the OnDemand (channel 1) “cutting edge” section. If you do check it out, can you let me know how it looks? I have Time Warner now because they bought Comcast and Adelphia out of the LA area… so I am unable to see it for myself. If you ever wanted to see us at full rez, this is your chance.


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