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Captcha Yo Ass:

February 13th, 2007 by Andrew Cochrane


Am I going blind? The above captcha was presented to me by Ticketassmaster just now, and I really cannot solve it at all. Anyone have a guess as to how you’re supposed to be able to read this? This is by far the worst of my least favorite things on the web.


6 Responses to “Captcha Yo Ass:”

  1. Babs

    That’s what the “Can’t see the word?” link is all about. You click that and it sets another image. Captcha is rendered randomly, so most developers will put in a way to give you another image.

  2. Andy

    yeah i hit that button, and the next one was pretty bad too- i mean this is honestly just an awful captcha, randomly generated or not, i’ve never seen one so completely unreadable. usually its a letter or number thats just a little too distorted, but on this one i defy you to figure out any part of it. i think it starts with a 6H and ends with a 2.

  3. Craig

    You and everyone else who sees that captcha will be dead in 7 days…

  4. Andy

    shhh! goddamnit now they know. thanks a ton craig

  5. Chris

    Yeah… it’s really more a statement about how bad spammers are. The captchas have to get more and more complicated to fool automated scripts, but often the randomly generated output can be so bad a human can not even tell what they are looking at.

    I hate spammers… so very much…

  6. Andy

    any regular visitor to our forums will see that spammers can get past a lot of security these days without much trouble at all :)