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Dreamhost 419

September 13th, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane

fishing for phishThis is getting a little old (what with the half-life of stories on the web being 36 hours and all), so I guess I should stop procrastinating and blog this bad boy. It is a simple tale, one told over and over the world… over. An email arrived at Josh Jones’ wife’s email from the IRS informing her that she was owed a tax refund. She dutifully gave them her social and check card number and forgot about it for a while. Then she remembered and told her husband Josh about the refund they would be getting and he FREAKED OUT. See, Josh knows a thing or two about phishing scams, because Josh runs Dreamhost, a large web hosting company. He knew they had been caught in a scam, so he shut the account down and prayed. It all ends well, and the moral of the story is that anyone, no matter their intelligence (his wife has a PhD), can get caught up by their own greed. Josh’s post on the Dreamhost blog (which is really well designed), has the full story, read it, its good.


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