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I Demand It:

March 1st, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane

So I mentioned it off-hand in the last post, but I thought it deserved its own full post, so I waited until now to go into detail. That and I wanted a few days to get used to the whole thing.

On Saturday we got Comcast cable. Not just cable tv, but cable tv and internet (we have been internetless at the beach haus since august, due to negligence on J-lo’s part). And not just cable tv, but in each bedroom plus the living room we have a dual-tuner hidef DVR with video on demand. Plus full-time HBO and Showtime. Now understand I don’t watch a lot of tv, so this is all just overwhelming for me. Tivo rocked my world when J-lo got it last Christmas, and because of it I saw a lot more tv shows, because I could come home late from a show or rehearsal and just watch the shows I wanted to. They were always on. Now I have that power in my bedroom, with video on demand, which is basically slow tivo (it takes a second or two to respond to any command so ffwd is not a good idea). for something retarded like $33 each/mo., the beach haus denizens can basically watch anything. anytime. It’s sick how much is available. If I weren’t spending all my $$ on equipment for the AV Club shows, I’d go out this weekend and get myself a 22″ hidef tv or a projector just to enjoy it all better. The only problem with this all right now is that with J-lo’s move out, we don’t have a couch in the living room anymore. It’s pretty ghetto fabulous in there right now with plastic lawn furniture. Anyone know a great place to get comfy-ass couches that can stand up to the hard-partying lifestyle of the beach haus? If you help us I’ll let you watch lost in hidef.Oh yeah, and Adam won another contest- this time he won a DVD player/surround sound system. So our living room is pretty much the swankest place to watch tv and movies you ever did see. Except for the whole no couch thing; that’s no good.


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