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Is America Done For?

November 27th, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane

A while ago I started to just save all the URLs to stories about how bad things are getting in this country, not really meaning to do anything with them other than gather them and keep them as reference as things spiraled downwards. With the Democratic takeover of the Legislature, I feel it is time to post them to remind everyone how much work there is to do if we want to get our country back on track and stop our collision course with becoming a police state. This is not a complete of exhaustive list, though it is longer than I wish it were.

Every single one of these stories is an outrage, and there are so many more out there. We are in outrage overload in this country- there’s too much evil going on to be able to process and fight it all. I will continue to collect and add links to the pile, but please realize that things are not good right now, and we as Americans cannot allow OUR country, the land of the free, to be hijacked by religious fanatics (Bush et al.). Add any links you have to the pile.


One Response to “Is America Done For?”

  1. Andy

    addendum: Newt Gingrich thinks that free speech might have to be curtailed to help fight terrorism