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McCain: Reformer?

September 24th, 2008 by Andrew Cochrane

John McCain spent the majority of his 2000 and 2008 Presidential campaigns telling us he was an “outsider” and a “maverick” and a “reformer” who would kick the Old Boys out of Washington and fix this country. If you bought this, I have some links for you to peruse- your man McCain is “flip-flopping” like a dying fish on a dock. I was told during the 2004 campaign that a flip-flopper cannot be trusted and should never be elected. Is that still the case?

First up: the lobbying firm run by Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, was just revealed to have been receiving payments of $15,000 a month from Freddie Mac up until last month. McCain claimed, as recently as Sunday, that Davis had no involvement with the lending giant for the last few years. Someone is lying. Why does this even matter? Well, if you are running on a platform of ending Washington lobbying, it hurts your case when the man in charge of your campaign is an active lobbyist for a recently failed mega corporation that is now under investigation by the FBI for possible fraud. You cannot say you will clear out the Old Boy network if your closest advisor is one of them. The response to this story thus far has been to dismiss the NYT as a biased mouthpiece for Obama. Ok then, here are two other sources reporting it, more to come. You refute a news story with facts that counter those being presented in the story, not by attacking the credibility of the news source. If you want us to believe your side of the story, John, produce facts that prove the story is false. I am sure you will get a full retraction and apology, so just go ahead and do it.

Moving on to the second story you need to read (and if you are not a McCain fan, please pass these along to anyone who is, I believe deeply in an informed electorate). John McCain has a long history with working to deregulate the financial institutions in our country, and he is proud of this history. Well, he was, until it turns out that deregulation is one of the primary reasons our economy got so wildly out of control. Now he is a pro-regulation maverick with the track record to prove it, or something silly like that, but he is still pro-deregulation for the health care industry:

Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation.

That’s right, McCain wants to bring the same deregulation that he helped apply to Wall Street to our health care system. To be fair, he is not stating that we should make it run like Wall Street, but he is calling for loosening current rules to allow people to apply for insurance and care outside their own state more easily to open up nationwide competition.

But I ask you, with his track record, can we afford to have our health insurance melt down under the weight of corporate greed? Flip on the news, everything you are seeing right now in this meltdown, he was there pushing the policies that allowed it to happen. He has cost each and every American $2000, should the bailout proposal go through in its current state. Do you want him to have a swing at “reforming” your health insurance and medical care? Think… Vote.


8 Responses to “McCain: Reformer?”

  1. AdamJKarp

    I think you missed the point regarding:

    “loosening current rules to allow people to apply for insurance and care outside their own state more easily to open up nationwide competition.”

    This isn’t a good thing. Think about credit card companies. Companies are governed by the laws of state they operate in. If they can operate out of one state and sell to all states… ALL HEALTHCARE COMPANIES WILL RUN OUT OF THE MOST PROFITABLE STATE WITH THE MOST LAX RULES OF OPERATIONS.

    “opening up nationwide competition” is a corporate talking point… what it does for the consumer is gives them more choices where all the choices are FAR WORSE for them.

  2. Andy

    I did actually get the danger in McCain’s plan, my “to be fair” was not saying that I thought it contained merit, it was to point out that McCain is not advocating the same types of deregulation for healthcare that he has pushed for Wall Street. McCain’s deregulation stance on both issues favors greed and promotes corruption and hurts the American people.

  3. citymouse

    If you think he is scary .. look at his running mate!

  4. Andy

    I would love to look at his running mate, but she seems to have gone missing ever since the convention! Why isn’t she running the McCain campaign while he goes to save the economy?

  5. Katy

    Oh, men and their politics. I’ll just sit back and let crazy white men and an even crazier white woman run my country. Poor hilary. I bet she wishes she could unleash her dragon lady on Palin right about now. I just can’t believe some hilary supporters are now supporting Palin just because she also happens to possess a vagina. Allegedly.

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