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NewTeeVee On Psycho Bob:

June 11th, 2008 by Andrew Cochrane

I only just now caught this really kind and detailed review of Psycho Bob over on NewTeeVee. Here are a few quick excerpts, but the basic gist is that they like what we are doing, which makes us really happy.

Director Andy Cochrane and cinematographer Craig Bauer deserve credit for developing an experimental storytelling style that is both uniquely suited for the web and is unlike anything else out there in terms of form and tone. While primarily a black comedy, Psycho Bob does occasionally veer into the realm of horror, ground not often tread by a medium that prizes brevity over suspense.

It’s a shame that Bob hasn’t received more attention in its native medium, but TheAVClub.tv should be commended for producing top-notch, innovative work like this, and on their own dime, too. It’s a nice reminder that even as studios and networks push further into online video spaces, independent creators like AVClub.tv are still producing the bulk of the best stuff out there. Hopefully TheAVClub.tv will continue to make Psycho Bob and other shows in the Bob format. In a world lousy with web videos of lip-synching fat kids and cute animal hijinx, this sort of creative storytelling is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Thank you for the extremely encouraging review, NewTeeVee, we really appreciate it.  I can say one thing to this- we are already planning the next slate of Psycho Bob episodes, and will be filming soon. It has been an extremely busy year for us behind the scenes, sorry that there has not really been much visible new content, but hopefully the coming months will change that.


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