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On Facial Hair:

February 21st, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane

i am in the middle of a personal experiment that started a few weeks ago (3 or 4):  i have stopped shaving just to see what happens.  i have gone a week or two without shaving before, always out of laziness (as in i was too busy/stressed to think about shaving), and i have never gotten past the unbearably itchy phase before.  this time i powered right through without really realizing it, and now here i am with facial hair, the longest i’ve ever had.  some observations:

  1. thankfully i can grow pretty even facial hair- unlike ron howard and keanu reeves, i do not look like i have mange.  this is a good thing to learn about oneself; can you grow facial hair if you want to?  yes.
  2. i was calling it laziness for a while, but this weekend i trimmed the hair, which now means that i am officially "growing a beard", whatever that really means.  so far i do not like the facial hair, and do not plan on keeping it, but i would like to let it go a while longer and see what else happens.
  3. i have been told by quite a few people to keep growing it, that it suits me, that i should keep it, etc., so i do want to see what life with facial hair is like for a little while longer.
  4. i have not decided on, and am in fact terrified of, trimming the hair into a particular style (beard, goatee, mustache, etc).  it scares me because i don’t want to mess it up, and i do not know what would look good.  i know that knowing me, i’d mess it up a tiny bit, get mad, and shave it all off.  so instead i’m just letting it grow, and i’m going to give it the occasional overall trim to keep it looking tidy.

so far that’s it- nothing really revolutionary, but for someone who has never even tried to have facial hair, its a fascinating journey of self-exploration.  i need to take a pic or two with the beard just to have them, in case i decide that i don’t like it and don’t feel like growing it again.


2 Responses to “On Facial Hair:”

  1. Rach


    check it out. just another reason you should move down here.

    that is all.


  2. Eric

    Hey Andy, 2002 called, it wants its Social Networking Site back. There’s a reason friendster doesn’t break 400 times a day anymore: nobody’s on it. Except you. And me, apparently.