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Only Good Thing To Come From “Wanted”:

July 7th, 2008 by Andrew Cochrane


I saw “Wanted“. It is really bad.  So incredibly laughably bad.  I invented a word to describe it:


Rawful = ROFL + awful.  I enjoyed my time watching this film, but not in the right way, and not for the intended reasons.  I will not give this movie the time it would take to tell you what I think; I’ll leave that up to the real movie reviewers.  But on the upside, there were shots in “Wanted” that were shot on the RED One, and while I am pretty sure I could pick them out, they were not nearly as mismatched to the film footage as the Viper/Cinealta vs. 35mm mismatch in “Collateral”.  So that gives me hope for the camera.


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