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Party Like A Ninja

December 6th, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane

askaninja dvd release.jpg

Last night Craig, Chris, Jess and I went to the Ask A Ninja DVD release party. It was a pretty fantastic event, lots of very friendly people, open bar, live musical performances by The Ninja and theme song composers The Neu Tickles. I saw a lot of IO West improvisers that I haven’t seen in a while, and the Invisible Engine boys were there, as well as a lot of vloggers and bloggers that I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. I did run into Daniel McVicar of the Late Night Mashup, who is very tall; it is weird meeting people that you first saw on the internet. Full photos of the event available here on Laughing Squid, who were one of the sponsors of last night’s event.

Last night was a great glimpse of the massive groundswell that is happening right now thanks to the internet. A year ago Kent told me about AAN, and it was meant to be a quick way of getting buzz for an animated series that they were trying to make called “Kinzai Ninja”. It was never meant to be the main event, but here they are one year later and everything has blown up so wonderfully big for them. Article after article online and offline, awards galore, and the serious attention of Hollywood. Old media is sensing a coming shakeup, and the Ninja is at the forefront of that revolution. There were at least 3 vlogger ‘news crews’ there last night producing stories, something that just would not have ever existed just a year ago, maybe two years at most. Things are so damn exciting right now, aren’t they?


5 Responses to “Party Like A Ninja”

  1. Jess

    Yeah, the party was fantastic, but I’m kind of upset there was no asp in my goodie bag.

  2. Andy

    i think the goodie bags were really very generous! free dvds and hats for all!

  3. Chris

    Yeah, great schwag. I’ll be watching the DVD this Friday, on the big screen.

  4. Jess


  5. Andy

    i just talked to kent of AAN on AIM and he said that technically the ninja promised an asp in “every other bag”, that if there was an asp in every gift bag then it wouldn’t be special. he also was surprised that none of the four of us got an asp, quote: “what are the odds”. so there you go jess, complaint forwarded and responded to.