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Psycho Bob is going to pump… you up!

August 29th, 2007 by Chris

Psycho Bob episode 5, fresh off the presses! In this episode, Bob goes to the gym to work out some of his aggressions, and settles a score while he’s there.Expect a new episode every other week from here on out! If you want to receive each new episode the second we post it automagically, subscribe to the podcast.


3 Responses to “Psycho Bob is going to pump… you up!”

  1. Dylan

    Dude. tou really brought out the whole cast for this one! Seriously though, a hot gal for the topless landlord scene would have be bit nicer ;)

  2. Andy

    what, you don’t like the way i jiggle jiggle when i’m being shocked?

  3. bob

    bob on!