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Psycho Bob Update:

November 2nd, 2007 by Andrew Cochrane

The latest episode of Psycho Bob was released this Wednesday (Halloween, appropriate, eh?). This one features Mary Pat Farrell, of Splooginator fame, and Doug Sarine from Ask A Ninja and FOUND as Bob’s nosy neighbors. This episode was harder than most to edit, mostly because of how funny the performances were, but also because the format of Bob makes any kind of dialogue almost impossible to fit it.
That is not the only Bob news today- the series is being featured right now in a special screening as part of the 2007 Rome Film Festival. The screening and following discussion are about the future of cinema in relation to online distribution, and we were selected as a representative of one of the new forms of expression that are evolving online. The other selections are some pretty heavy duty creators such as LonelyGirl15, SNL Digital, Four Eyed Monster, and a bunch more. Info on the screening (in Italian) is here, and if you are in Italy [*cough*AAA*cough*] and you go to the screening, let me know how it went! This is a huge honor, and marks the first time we have had one of our shorts involved in any film festivals, so we are deeply grateful to have been selected.


2 Responses to “Psycho Bob Update:”

  1. Joe

    I think you guys are “really close” with this character; the codecs(?)[sic] is a little bit jumpy in an otherwise pretty funny premise. Not sure what SW you’re using to render but you are really “close”. Good luck with it.

  2. Andy

    the jumpyiness is on youtube’s end (they lower the framerate to make the video files smaller), check out a higher quality version of the series here on the site (click the videos tab up at the top) to see it in a much better form… but thank you very much for the kind words, we are still tweaking things a lot on bob, but we are not about to quit anytime soon!