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Rock The Vote

May 12th, 2006 by Andrew Cochrane


So I was just reading a story about the well-known vulnerabilities with electronic voting machines, ones by Diebold in particular. In 2004 Black Box Voting revealed that a semi-trained chimpanzee was able to hack a Diebold machine in 5 minutes. Imagine what an actual hacker could do. It’s disgusting, there’s no way to prove it, but the likelihood that the 2004 election was stolen using intentionally inaccurate voting machines (with no paper trail) is very real. So reading this story I struck upon an idea, and this one is very important- I want you all to start spreading it, because it could honestly change the world as we know it:

In 2006′s congressional election, I want hackers, real hackers, to hack those machines and hand the Dems the vote. that’s right, use the devil’s pitchfork against him.

Only when their tools have been turned against them will the Repubs be willing, in fact they will spearhead a move, to make it so that every vote has a paper trail, and the security of the machines counting the votes is assured. Spread this word far and wide- your personal future rests on what happens in 2006 and 2008- will you allow yet one more election to be stolen by the far right cabal?


One Response to “Rock The Vote”

  1. Jess

    You’re asking the Average Joe Hacker to do what the Almighty Republican Party may have already done. They have power, money, influence, and protection through all of these– with plenty of hands already in our government. Because of these advantages, the risk is minimal for them. There is a vast network of people who are/could be involved in a cover-up. If they did it before, they know how it’s done, and they know how to stop others from doing it. I don’t know how much time you would get for rigging an election, but I can guarantee it’d be much worse, and a much greater risk in the first place, for the common person than those actually tied to/supported by the Republican Party.
    And anyway, doesn’t it always seem to be that when the Democrats fault, they get tarred and feathered, while the Republicans get a slap on the wrist? Even though many believe the last election was rigged, if the Democrats did it themselves this time around, and were found out, many in the middle will lose faith in the party altogether. And the Republicans will hoot and howl about it for eternity (which, honestly, I suppose they should if there was proof the Democrats had cheated and no proof the Republicans had).

    I’m hoping people will come around and we can win it fair and square after the mess we’re in right now. We wouldn’t want it rigged anyway, because, afterall…”two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights do make a left.” :P

    p.s. I guess I am making an assumption that it was the people at the top, in the Republican Party, who might have hacked it last time. If it wasn’t, I still believe Democrats are at a greater risk for getting found out. To bring up the obvious example– look what was done just to prove someone got a blowjob, and how little is being done about the lies and deceit concerning Iraq.