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Sarah Palin: Can YOU Handle Another Bush?

October 9th, 2008 by Andrew Cochrane

Contrary to all the posts lately, I do not think McCain would be a terrible President. While I do not think he would change much about the disastrous policies of the past 8 years, I also think he is a seasoned politician who would have to carefully deal with a Democrat-run House and Senate. But McCain is an old man [older than Alaska, in fact], and he has survived 5 plane crashes, 4 bouts of cancer, and 5 1/2 years as a tortured POW. There is a very reasonable concern that he would not survive his 4 years of service, leaving his joke of a running mate Sarah Palin in charge. That is an incredibly scary, sobering thought, and if you are voting for McCain, you really need to think about this one:

Any one of these is scary enough to put me off ever thinking of voting for the ticket, and there are a lot more, but maybe it’s not enough to concern the right-leaning amongst you. Don’t listen to me if you are a conservative who plans on voting along party lines and only listening to the opinions and advice of respected members of your own party; instead listen to the opinions and advice of respected members of your own party. Sarah Palin is dangerous for America, it is not an issue of her lack of experience for the job, it is her history and her ideology.


17 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Can YOU Handle Another Bush?”

  1. Terri

    It seems there’s no chance in hell they’re going to make it to the White House, so I’m only mildly concerned at best. Thankfully cooler heads are prevailing this election. McCain really shot himself in the foot choosing her.

  2. Bronwyn Lewis

    I hope there’s no chance in hell they make it to the White House, but given the US’s track record… I agree that McCain on his own wasn’t so bad, but Palin completely changes that.

    Palin flat out scares me like no other “politician” has.

  3. Andy

    Palin, to me, is Bush in every single way, minus the lifetime of political experience that comes from growing up as a Bush. That is a terrifying thought. And McCain is old and injured and sick, making it very likely she would ascend to the Presidency. If you know anyone who is undecided this year, take some time to run this past them.

  4. Katy

    She is truly frightening. I also agree that McCain isn’t so bad, but Palin is just about the craziest thing ever. What really scares me is a few weeks ago(hopefully opinions have changed) I heard on the radio women who LOVED Sarah Palin because she was just like them” a mom makin’ it in the world of politics. BLECH! So please Please PLEASE let cooler heads prevail in this one. Luckily, it seems like younger people are being more active this time around, so maybe our generation is finally standing up for what we’re sick of seeing : to much BUSH(and not the sassy kind).

  5. Andy

    This, to me, is the crux of the Palin issue. People voted for Bush because he was a regular Joe, someone you’d want to have a beer with, not some stuffy Washington politician. That, beyond any doubt, was a bad thing. I know people like Sarah, and they are not evil. She is not a total idiot, and she has done some good things. However, I would never want her or anyone she reminds me of running the Country. She is not capable of the job.

    People accuse Obama of being elitist [a silly charge when you compare McCain's 7+ houses to Obama's 1]. Really I feel like they are saying that he talks like a smart person, and for some reason they don’t like that. I personally want to know that the one person in charge of everything is smarter and better suited for the task than I am. I want the #1 position filled by the #1 person. That is, by definition, elite.

  6. Mark Cochrane

    Great blog Andy :)

    I have to disagree that McCain would be OK. He’s a aggresive warmonger and he is a very poor communicator – very much like Bush.

    Is it too much to ask to have a smart, articulate President who believes in diplomacy? And not one who jokes “bomb bomb Iran”?

  7. Terri

    Conservatives are pissed off at McCain right now too. He didn’t make any friends by repeatedly saying during the last debate that he would buy bad mortgages. As if the bailout weren’t bad enough!

  8. nerdette

    Very well-reasoned. Thanks for pulling all the evidence together. Also the header graphic on this post had me in stitches (sadly.)

    Also I think Senator McCain was at the top of his game 8-10 years ago. It’s sort of sad to watch him collapse on everything that made him, at one point, a man of principle.

    Thanks again for this post.

  9. Jessica

    I think you wrote a very good article. I applaud you sir. Well done. You mentioned a lot of things about Palin most people overlook.

  10. CosmoChick

    Thanks for a great post Andy, and a great follow-up comment. Why is it that i’m seen as elitist everytime i explain that i want the POTUS to be smarter than me?

    I just would like to answer Terri (1st commentor). Terri, please don’t assume that this victory is a done deal. I worry that we will start resting on our laurels and some won’t come out to vote. The momentum HAS to continue, we have to continue to encourage our neighbors, talk about it, instruct, read, learn.

    I keep saying “us”, even though i’m from Canada (you know, the country next to Alaska ;-) ), but it’s because I feel so strongly about this, I see the way the rest of the world looks at the US, and it makes me sad and scared. I have the “outsider” perspective, and trust me, it’s not pretty. For us, the choice is SO clear, I’m stunned as to why this race is still so close.

    With regards to seriously worrying about McCain passing away, you know, I think it’s like smoking and cancer: “ah yeah, but it won’t happen to me”. McCain is alive and well right now, so imagining that one day, he won’t be, regardless of facts and statistics, is hard for some to imagine.

  11. Zane Safrit

    Well-done. Given McCain’s teetering health…it’s very alarming the pick for his VP was Palin. I say ‘the pick was…’ because McCain didn’t pick her. She was picked for him. And it wasn’t for her skills in leadership she was picked. And it wasn’t for adding sizzle or excitement. I can’t tell if she’s the ultimate betrayal by his backers (Sink or swim with this maverick) or the ultimate trojan horse unleashed once in office. Either way, it’s not good.

    One thing I disagree is McCain by himself, or as a Bush surrogate, would be a disaster.

  12. Andy

    @nerdette I was actually thinking the same thing to myself today- I miss the fired up maverick McCain, the one who started the straight talk express, the one who stood up and ran against Bush in 2000. I think that he has handed his ideals and personality and decisions over to his handlers at this point, as evidenced by his constantly deferring answers to his staff and the suspension of the straight talk express.

    I was not so worried by McCain even 6 months ago. But now with Palin and his “we’ll do whatever it takes to win” approach… I don’t think he is a good pick anymore, and I think Palin is an apocalyptic choice.

  13. Chris

    Palin deeply scares me. Her beliefs take insane and ignorant to a new level, she has no real experience, and she has so far proven to be evasive and dishonest during every real interview.

    As for the “she’s just like me” concept… the second most powerful person in our country should not be in office because of how easy they are to relate to. We need someone who truly rises to the top, and is the best of the best… Palin is an intellectual bottom feeder. I would not trust her to be the second most powerful person in my company, let alone the entire country.

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  15. Babs

    CosmoChick: You’re more than likely right. While Obama has a nice lead right now, so did Gore back in 2000. Plus the polls are particularly dodgy these days. A lot of people who say they’ll vote for Obama more than likely won’t because they don’t want to admit they’d never vote for a black man. You can hear that undertone clearly in some interviews with voters, and it’s pretty scary.

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