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Slurpr, For Freeloading WiFi In Style

January 28th, 2008 by Andrew Cochrane


Behold the Slurpr, a piece of hardware whose practicality is questionable but whose awesomeness is indisputable. This little beauty is capable of accessing up to 6 open WiFi networks simultaneously and joining them together into one mega ultra internet connection. I deeply applaud the creators of this technical masterpiece for their engineering prowess, while wondering at the same time how often you are:

  1. Anywhere with 6 WiFi connections.
  2. In need of a connection that fast, and not at your office or home where I would assume you have decent internet access already.

Despite the practicality concerns, this is certainly a great project, and the end result looks very clean- most mods like this end up looking like a ball of duct tape and wires, but the Slurpr looks like a somewhat decently manufactured product. Chris gets the A+ for finding and forwarding this one, so thank him, not me.


One Response to “Slurpr, For Freeloading WiFi In Style”

  1. wifly-city

    It goes great if you have an LG television because you can turn on the Tv as well. I hooked up my external harddrive to the front USB slot and it plays my divx movie files seamlessly. I really appreciate that it supports the .AVI format which is what most of my digital files are. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, no internal drive its just a simple player with great features. You can connect to Netflix super quick, and also play your old DVDs as well; win win. It is a must have for any home theater.