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Striker and Swat Approacheth

March 11th, 2009 by Andrew Cochrane

Striker & Swat

Next Tuesday, The AV Club will be releasing our first new web series since Psycho Bob, “Striker and Swat“.  Created and directed by Dan Redmond, this show is a heavily improvised comedy starring some regular AV Club members such as Nick Armstrong, Dave Holmes, Charles X. Shoes-Mulligan, and some new ones such as Steve Berg, James Bonadio, Dana Powell, and an almost endless stream of LA improvisers.

“Striker and Swat” follows two best friends as they meander through life, terrorizing everyone they meet.  Striker likes guns, the Military Channel and forcing his will on his fellow human beings.  Swat is more of a ‘bong and a movie, live and let live’ kind of guy.  The one thing that holds them together is they are both basically adult-sized children.  Together, this dysfunctional duo (mostly STRIKER) monitor the ‘goings on’ of their apartment complex, looking for trouble.  When they find it (which is always), they swoop in to save the day (or at least not ruin it completely).  For Striker and Swat, every day is an adventure; join them as they try to right the wrongs of their world… one awkward moment at a time.

We are extremely proud of this show, and can’t wait to release it for you all to see.  Check back next week to catch the first episode, and please let us know what you think!


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