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The Cinco Midi Organizer

October 18th, 2007 by Andrew Cochrane

Oh man, how many times in the early 80′s did you wish there was a product that helped you organize, find, and easily play back all of your midi files from your personal computer? I really can’t count the number of times. If this video doesn’t cause some kind of nerdback (thats a flashback to nerdy times) then you may not belong around here ;) . The video is from “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Good Job” on Cartoon Network, which I have not seen, but now really think I should.  Thanks Roy!


5 Responses to “The Cinco Midi Organizer”

  1. Chris

    Nice one.

    I believe the show is just titled “Time and Eric’s Awesome Show” Not sure about the “Good Job” part.

  2. Andy

    you best go check your facts before you be all steppin up in my grill with the accusationz!

  3. Chris

    Odd, I’ve just never seen it referenced with the “Great Job” as part of the title. On Adult Swim they just refer to it as “The Tim And Eric Awesome Show.” But now I’m noticing it listed in lots of places with the “Great Job!” as part of the title. I stand corrected :P

  4. Midi

    Where can I pick up one of these things? Desparately need a quality MIDI file organizer :)

  5. Andy

    If you send me a money order for $1000 I can ship you one today ;)