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The Last Day (Live from Whistler Pt. 3)

December 20th, 2005 by Andrew Cochrane

Today was supposed to be our last day of skiing.  I say supposed to be because it is raining. hard. We went up for one run and were soaked before we even reached the top. sitting on a chairlift when it is cold, windy, or rainy is so miserable- you are totally trapped until the lift ends 10 or 15 minutes later.  So at 9:40am, our day is done and everyone is taking warm showers one at a time.  Now we need to figure out how to enjoy our last (rainy) day here in whistler.

Hey Andy, what has happened since the last update?

We have watched a lot of hockey at the bar near us.  I forgot how much I used to love hockey.  I played roller hockey for years in high school, and have been wanting to get a summer pickup league going in LA.  Maybe this summer I’ll actually do it.  Though I just found out that my father threw all of my sticks away so I might have to go get new equipment.  Eh.  It all depends on whether or not I can get enough interested folks to make it happen.

Rach and I got massively sick on Sunday. we both stopped skiing early, went back to the hostel and fell asleep.  We basically slept until the next day save for a brief wake up for dinner.  On Monday I sold my ticket for the day and just took it easy.  I was much better, but I didn’t want to risk making myself and sicker by exposing myself to the sub zero winds on the mountain.  But it looks like I should have maybe risked it, because yesterday was the last day of good skiing.  It even snowed most of the day.  Damnit.

And that’s about it.  Other than meeting new people and saying goodbye to those who are leaving, and just generally having a blast in a supremely fun town, there’s not much to report.  So adios from the great white north!


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