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TrickLife.com- Tricky Tips

July 30th, 2007 by Andrew Cochrane

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TrickLife.com site is chock full of the sort of life enhancing shortcuts we all adore as children of the video gamin’ 80s.  It is similar to the Urawaza stuff I linked a while back, but there’s a lot more of them, and they are in video form, so none of that pesky reading stuff needed.  Most of the top videos on the front page are ones I would file under “useless” for the simple reason that they cannot be employed anywhere I know of without a reasonable expectation of being arrested or shot at.  But if you dive into the categories a tiny bit you will see a few handy tips.

Windows users: hit the Windows key, then “u” then “s”.

Okay thanks to Tricklife and the tip I just watched, its just us mac and linux users now.  Want to talk trash about Vista while they wait for their computers to wake back up?


2 Responses to “TrickLife.com- Tricky Tips”

  1. mljalmonte

    i cant log in my name is corect password must be bad

  2. Andy